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We reviewed 2 the best fitness programs in 2015 only for you.

Best workout program for men:
'Adonis golden ratio', review review

'Adonis Golden Ratio' is a workout and fitness program that will help you to gain muscle. This decent program is created by John Barban as a result of 10 years of his research in fitness and nutrition. John Barban is a world class expert in Nutrition, Biology, Physiology.

It is totally a new and unique approach to fitness. 'Adonis Golden Ratio' is 12 week training, nutrition and supplementation program for rapid and targeted muscle building and fat loss. Simply, you will learn how to build a perfect body shape. It help you to build a body that is attractive to women. We highly recommend this program.


Good for Newbies

Detailed step-by-step guide

New workout approach

No need a gym membership

It help you to build a body that is attractive to women

Online forum

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

No fast results

The program can be a little bit complicated for some users

Our rating

Best workout program for women:
'Bikini body workouts', review review

'Bikini body workouts' program is created by well-known Jen Ferruggia. With this extremely popular program, she will learn you how to get sexy bikini body. 'Bikini body workouts' is an advanced training and nutrition program for those women who wants to gain good body shape.


Exercises help to get rid of excess fat

Fun workouts as it is effective

Detailed nutrition and workout guide

Instructional videos

You can burn fat easily, fast and permanently

60 Days Money Back Guarantee


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I'm newbie and I need some good workout program. Will Adonis golden ratio help me to reduce my weight? I need to lose about 30 pounds.

Mark T.

I read on Internet forums about Adonis golden ratio. I saw positive feedback. I'll try. I want to increase my biceps size.


Bikini body workouts is a great workout program for women. Workouts are fun and effective.I recommend it.

1. Click HERE and visit official website of "'Adonis golden ratio'" program.

2. Click HERE and visit official website of "Bikini body workouts" program.