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'Swing man golf ', review review

If you want to improve your Golf skills than this program should be your choice. 'Swing man golf' is a effective system of simple and clear instructions. It is created by Jaacob Bowden. Program is a result of his 10 years long effort and dedication. Jaacob Bowden won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a TV televised drive of 381 yards and he hit a documented grid-record 421-yard blast at a RE/MAX World Long Drive Qualifier.

You will get over 50 pages of instructions, more than 60 minutes of easy to follow audio-visual instructions, Over 125 pictures(positions and techniques), access to all future content, great customer service and much much more. This program will add 12-16 mph and 30-40 yards to your drives.

You will get 6 Special Bonuses absolutely free: 'The Secrets of Mike Austin’s 515-yard Drive', 'the Secret Shortcuts Of The Pro's That Will Dramatically Lower Scores', 'The Equipment Strategies That Will Finally Have Your Clubs Doing The Work For You', '14-Day Bronze Level Access To The Swing Man Elite Insider Circle Monthly Handicap Improver'. 'Swing Man Golf' is suitable for amateurs and for professionals.

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'Golf beginner guide', review review

Golf is social sport and a good way to meet or stay in touch with friends. Golf swing is a cure for stress and golf makes you friendlier. Golfer are surrounded by nature. Nature will make you to feel better and more energized. Simply, Golf is good investment for your physical and mental health. Golf players have a lower death rate regardless of age and social group.

If you are a Golf beginner and if you decided to learn everything about this sport, I suggest you 'Golf beginner guide' program. Golf Beginner guide is created by Frank J. Peter, together with his staff and several qualified golf teaching professionals.

It has 272 pages of very very helpful information have been assembled to teach you golf from the ground. 'Golf beginner guide' covers all aspects of Golf. You will learn how to grip the golf club, how to stand correctly, how the different Golf Clubs work, which Golf Clubs and Golf Balls are the most suitable for you, about proper golf swing, chipping, pitching, putting, how to buy golf equipment for a lot less money.

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Does anyone know where can I buy Golf cart batteries? Please help.

Jose Ramirez

Thank you for these suggestions.


After using Jaacob Bowden’s program - "Swing man golf", I increased my speed by 15 miles per hour in 4 weeks.


My distance improved from 250 yards to 280 yards. The workouts were easy to follow.


I'm 65 years old and Golf is my life. Swing man golf helped me achieve my goal. My drives are now 240-250 yards. Excellent Golf training program.

Jacob Hill

I like swing speed training in 'Swing man golf' course. Gained 20 yards on my drives.

Martin White

Yes. Golf challenges you physically and mentally.


Golf is a great sport because it teaches young kids and adults alike on how to be disciplined in both the sport and life.

1. Click here and visit official website of "Swing man golf" course.

2. Click here and visit official website of "Golf beginner guide" course.